E.V.E Fiber

E.V.E Strawberry Fiber Price

RM70 /15 sac (1box) RM130/30sac (2boxes) – (SM)

RM80 /15 sac (1box) RM140/30sac (2boxes) – (SS)

RM100 /15 sac (1box) RM160/30sac (2boxes) – (Singapore/Brunei without cost courier)

Bristol Stool Chart. There are seven types on this scale.

Types 1 and 2 of Bristol Stool Chart indicate constipation,(Need More Fiber)

type 3 and type 4 being the normal or “ideal” stools especially type 4 because they are the easiest to pass,

type 5–7 being further tending towards diarrhea or urgency.

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